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I’m MathDwight, the people’s mathematician!

Yo! It was extremely hot, and I was sweating profusely during the interview!

What I do (Vita)

My name is Dwight Anderson Williams II, PhD, a mathematical researcher specializing in supermathematics, especially the study of superalgebras and investigations into the intersection of representation theory with mathematical physics.

I’m also a researcher on equity analyzing the journeys and experiences of people who are racially and ethnically minoritized within the field of mathematics..

Interested in where I been lately? Here’s a list stating I was recently in this Role (during these years; associated with these people) at this place:

  • Tenure-track Assistant Professor (beginning August 2023) in the Department of Mathematics at the great Morgan State University

  • Visiting Assistant Professor (2022–2023) in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Pomona College

  • Unemployed Stay-at-home Husband (2021–2022; still fullner of Diamond E. Williams) in The Bronx

  • Postdoctoral Research Advisor (2021; Rebecca Garcia & Pamela E. Harris) during the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Undergraduate Program (MSRI-UP)

  • NSF Award #1920753 Postdoc Research Associate (2020–2021; Michael Young) in the Department of Mathematics at Iowa State University

  • PhD Student (2016–2020; Dimitar Grantcharov) in the Department of Mathematics at The University of Texas at Arlington

Word? Word! But you may be more interested in my active courses this Fall 2022, which are connected to a growing project with Kevin Harris called What is Mathematics and about ways we can contribute to your engagement with a wonderful discipline when the people and the content are welcoming and exciting!

Who Am I (Axiom)

As an educator and thinker, it is scholarly diligence that implores me to understand my efforts in the light of societal and historical contexts. As a Black man, this awareness is tantamount to survival or, perhaps, sanity. The Black mathematician I am asks, “How do I maneuver through this world when things aren’t adding up?” Ultimately, I have to die a Black person; I subscribe to live as one at that.

So alongside my sponsored development in quantitative studies, the above calls me to do mathematics and teach people about mathematics with the direction of a mission-inspired claim, with the compass of a regularly calibrated axiomatic practice, and with the recording of helpful landmarks and reminders: Love for the othered.

And, oh yeah, ball is life!

Dwight embraces Diamond outside, lifting her up off her heels, in a grayscale wedding photo


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