2024 FRACTALS Fellow Series Part 3/3 | Aleyah Dawkins

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2024-03-26 (Noon Eastern)


To be posted!

Activity Outcomes (bring paper/tablet etc…)

To be posted!


Aleyah Dawkins

2024 FRACTALS Fellow: Aleyah Dawkins is a PhD candidate at George Mason University, graduating in May 2024. Her main research interests are in combinatorics, particularly graph theory. Aleyah is currently a guest student at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) where she researches mathematical designs and properties of high-performance computing networks to be applied to exascale and post-exascale networks, in collaboration with researchers from Colgate University, ETH Zurich, Intel, and LANL. Her professional mission is to create inclusive learning environments to address retention of a diverse community in mathematics.

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